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Wound Packing With The OLAES® Hemostatic Bandage

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Please note that this is a quick product demo. For official training and more details, you can visit TMS University.

Step 1: Locate the Bleed

Put your fingers into the wound, locate the source of the bleeding, and apply direct pressure. 

Step 2: Form a "Powerball"

Take the end of the gauze and quickly wad it up to create a "Powerball".

Step 3: Pack the Wound

Using aggressive strength, push the gauze deep into the wound and directly onto the source of the bleeding. With constant, hard pressure, pack the wound with the gauze until all the areas of the wound are completely filled.

Step 4: Hold Consistent Pressure

Hold direct, consistent pressure on the packed wound for 3 minutes. If the bleeding stops, proceed to bandaging. If the bleeding continues, remove all the gauze from the wound and repeat all the steps with fresh gauze until the bleeding has stopped.

Step 5: Apply the Bandage

Once the bleeding has stopped, apply the bandage with the pressure cup centered over the wound. Maintain pressure and wrap the bandage tightly over the wound and pressure cup.

Step 6: Secure Bandage

Once the bandage has been fully applied, secure it with the securing clips.

Step 8: Check Wound

Check to make sure that the bandage is in the right spot, the pressure is in the right spot, and the bleeding is controlled.

Step 9: Indicate Hemostatic Agent

In addition to a verbal report during hand off and/or a Combat Casualty Card, tuck the bandage’s wrapper into the band to indicate that a hemostatic agent was used.


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