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Foxtrot® Litter Instructions

Foxtrot® Litter Instructions

Please note that this is a quick product demo. For official training and more details, you can visit TMS University

Step 1: Unroll the litter 2-3 feet and hold it on the ground with your knee.

Step 2: Roll the casualty away from you, tuck the litter underneath, and roll them back on top.

Step 3: Unroll the rest of the litter and position the casualty's feet and body in the center.

Step 4: Apply the securing straps: chest, waist, ankle, and individual leg (optional).

Method 1: Bring the strap through both D-rings, remove slack, and attach the Velcro.

Method 2 (more secure): Bring the strap through both D-Rings and then rout it back through one of them to create a friction lock. Remove the slack and attach Velcro.

If the patient is unconscious: Strap both arms to the chest with the chest strap and the lower arms with the waist strap.

To secure the casualty's weapon: Place the weapon between the legs and secure it with the individual leg and ankle straps.

Step 5 (optional): Apply the head straps for less drag across soft terrain.

Step 6 (optional): Utilize drag line.

(1) Remove the protective flap, and pull the storage pocket free from the litter.

(2) Remove all slack.

(3) Place it over your shoulder, and drag the casualty.

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