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The SOF® Tactical Tourniquet (SOF®TT) Startup Guide

SOF Tactical Tourniquet Application

Please note that this is a quick product demo. For official training and more details, you can visit TMS University.

Store The SOF® Tactical Tourniquet

  • Step 1: Ensure the safety screw is loosened lightly.
  • Step 2: Remove any slack remaining in the tourniquet base.
  • Step 3: Fold the tourniquet strap under the base.
  • Step 4: Rotate the windlass a quarter turn.
  • Step 5: Fold the tourniquet onto itself.

SOF® Tactical Tourniquet Folded for Storage

Note: When released, the tourniquet will open easily for application.

One-Handed Application of The SOF® TT

  • Step 1: Open the tourniquet, exposing the loop of webbing
  • Step 2: Grasp the running end of the webbing near the tourniquet buckle and slide the tourniquet over the injured extremity
  • Step 3: Pull the webbing to remove all of the slack from the tourniquet and tighten it on the appendage.
  • Step 4: Twist the metal tourniquet handle, or windlass, until hemorrhage control has been achieved.
  • Step 5: To secure the handle, latch it into one of the two tri-rings on the tourniquet base
  • Step 6: Tighten the safety screw to prevent accidental loosening of the tourniquet during tactical movement 

SOF® Tactical Tourniquet One-Handed Application

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