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DKX M7X Series Ballistic Plates

Sku : DKX-M7X-1012-FS

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This product is available to LE/EMS/Fire personnel and requires additional verification. Please Contact Customer Service. Be sure to review our Terms and Conditions before placing your order.

**Limited Quantity Notice:** This item has limited availability. We suggest making your purchase soon to secure yours before stock runs out.
The DKX M7X Series Ballistic Plates is the ballistic solution you would pick for advanced protection.

  • Enhanced rifle round protection with a ceramic face to stop the M855 at a weight of only 4.65 lbs.
  • Level III stand-alone protection and impact absorbing back face negate need for additional in-conjunction plate purchases
  • Industry-leading 7 year warranty adds 2 years of usability to armor investment
  • Polyurea coating protects the plate from wear and tear in harsh conditions
  • Neutrally buoyant plate that does not represent a drowning hazard in maritime environments
Protection Type: NIJ III Plus
Warranty: 7 years
Testing Certification: NIJ 0101.06 Special Threat Tested
Configuration: Stand-Alone
Hit Rating: Multi
Construction: Ceramic/Polyethylene/Composite
Protective Cover: Polyurea

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