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DKX M7 Series Ballistic Plates

SKU: DKX-M7X-1012-FS


The DKX M7 Series Ballistic Plates is the ballistic solution you would pick for advanced protection.


  • Enhanced rifle round protection with a ceramic face to stop the M855 at a weight of only 4.65 lbs.
  • Level III stand-alone protection and impact absorbing back face negate need for additional in-conjunction plate purchases
  • Industry-leading 7 year warranty adds 2 years of usability to armor investment
  • Polyurea coating protects the plate from wear and tear in harsh conditions
  • Neutrally buoyant plate that does not represent a drowning hazard in maritime environments
Protection Type: NIJ III Plus
Warranty: 7 years
Testing Certification: NIJ 0101.06 Special Threat Tested
Configuration: Stand-Alone
Hit Rating: Multi
Construction: Ceramic/Polyethylene/Composite
Protective Cover: Polyurea