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Evacuation & Rigging Strap

SKU: 72-0009


Rescue Craft™ teamed with Element Rescue and Rescue Technologies to evolve and enhance their original extraction strap design. The new Evacuation & Rigging Strap, or ER-S, provides the end-user with multiple casualty evacuation nd anchor rigging options in a compact rugged design. A few of the configurations options include: 

  • A linear casualty drag strap 
  • A vertical casualty hoisting / lowering harness 
  • A low-profile confined space configuration 
  • Simple improvised rescuer seat harness 
  • Integrates with the Foxtrot® Litter for vertical hoisting and lowering 
  • Multiple-anchor rigging options with reinforced shelves and built in reinforced “shelves” 
  • Ability to adjust from child size to 6’7 adult with one non-locking carabiner without having to twist webbing in a “parachute” rig 
  • Simple horizontal or vertical option for Rescue Task Force (RTF) casualty evacuation