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Sku : 74-0002
$798.75 $1,065.00
The Paratech PRT (Percussive Rescue Tool) "Slam-Ram" is a powerful handheld rescue tool designed for one-person rapid forcible entry on a multitude of barriers. The PRT Kit includes 5 interchangeable tool bits to penetrate and defeat locks, doors, conrete block, and armored glass. The 'Slam & Ram' action of the PRT directs all of its force directly at the point of impact without deflection, making it safer and more effective than a wedge and sledge. 

  • Hard coated aluminum alloy tool bit retainer and locking ring
  • Hard coated aluminum alloy tool body with machine-grooved non-slip grip 
  • Collet chuck locks the ram bar for storage or at any length for added leverage and safety 
  • Ram extends up to 13.6" (34.5cm) for maximum impact power
  • Variety of interchangeable tool bits including the forged and heat treated lock breaker and cutting claws, chisel tips, bull point, and the penetrator/applicator tip

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