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      Speedbox is your 10-minute mobilization system. It is a rugged, roto-molded transport container that is lightweight, lockable, wind and water resistant, buoyant, shatter resistant, and stronger than most metals. Each Speedbox is capable of holding 300 lbs. 

      Speedboxes stack and interlock to maximize secure space on a 463-L pallet, taking the pain out of palletizing. On the ground, users extend the handle to roll one Speedbox in each hand on heavy-duty, no-flat, off-road wheel/tire assemblies.

      • Big and sturdy
        • Roto-molded polymer container
      • Stackable and interlocking system
        • Designed and constructed to work modularly
      • No-flat off-road tires
        • 10" polyurethane tires
      • Never-fail handle system
        • Rotates to an ergonomically efficient grip and angle
      • T-handle keyed lock
        • Compact cam-style mechanism
      • Watertight and airtight protection
        • Built-in gasket around top wall creates watertight and airtight seal
      • Stabilizing tethers
        • 3/8-inch rope handle with grip that is great for hauling
      • Ratchet strap slots
        • Allow unobstructed access to contents even while straps are fastened in place
      • Heavy-duty hinged lid
        • Double-walled for strength and durability
      • Heavy-duty compression latches
        • Two latches that back up the main T-handle lock and ensure a good seal between body and lid
      Dimensions: 34.25"L x 27.4"W x 26"D
      Weight: 52lbs.
      Capacity: 13.8 cubic feet/300lbs.

      Made in America.

      * To ensure accurate shipping information, please call us at 888-822-6331 to order a Speedbox. *

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