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Stop The Bleed: Realistic Trauma Intervention Training Tools

Stop The Bleed: Realistic Trauma Intervention Training Tools

Click here to register for the webinar, airing live February 9th, 12pm EST

Presentation Abstract:

In this webinar, TacMed's military and police expert Dan Stout will highlight some of the key "Stop the Bleed" components used during initial interventions in a trauma related medical response, including the SOF-Tourniquet, Olaes, Trauma Bandage, hemostatic agents, and chest seals.
These interventions will be demonstrated on a TacMed high fidelity, realistic simulator which can repeatedly replicate real world injuries to EMS, Police, Military and other and Emergency First Responders.

Such realistic austere environment training manikins enable for meaningful practice of trauma-based medical skills with actual "Stop the Bleed" intervention devices, enhancing the proficiency and confidence of learners. Such simulated activities translate into optimal performance during actual patient victim events.

Whether it’s a professional First Responder or a citizen bystander who has completed “Stop the Bleed” training, having the appropriate skill set with real-world equipment is vital to providing lifesaving care.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Highlight and familiarization of the core components used during the initial response to a trauma related incident, while showcasing TacMed medical simulation equipment.
  2. Understand how Emergency First Responders (EFR) and other lay/citizen bystanders are currently training with these components through “Stop the Bleed“ courses.
  3. Learn about the TMS Associate Trainer Program (ATP) that helps support "Stop the Bleed" trainers with access to free training materials and social media.



About TacMed Solutions™ 

TacMed Solutions™ (TacMed™) is dedicated to improving survivability in response to crisis situations through world-class innovative emergency response solutions designed to equip, train, and protect those who save lives. We develop and manufacture customized emergency response technology, advanced simulation and training aids, and personal protective gear for Warfighters, First Responders, and citizens alike to effectively manage the full continuum of care. 

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