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At TacMed Solutions we are dedicated to improving survivability in response to crisis situations. We equip, train, and protect all who answer the call - from professionals to active bystanders - with world-class innovative solutions designed to help save lives.

Our Mission

From point of injury throughout the continuum of clinical care; Warfighters, First Responders, and citizens alike, all rely on our extensive tactical field experience and product knowledge to supply intuitive solutions. We develop and manufacture customized emergency response technology, advanced simulation and training aids, and personal protective gear to effectively manage a spectrum of hostile environments and injuries.

Our passion to serve and to protect the health of our communities, both at home and abroad, serves as our compass. Our commitment to your life-saving mission is only matched by the integrity of our team, the durability of our products, and our renowned customer support services.



We were founded in 2003 by Ross Johnson, a medic in the Special Operations Forces. Ross was a Green Beret serving in Afghanistan. The tourniquet that was in his aid bag was the same tourniquet issued on D-Day. It couldn't be relied on, and so Ross came up with the SOF® Tourniquet. He sewed them in his garage and gave them to friends on deployment. The mission to help his friends grew from there.


Offering Global Solutions

Tactical Medical Solutions goes global and begins to supply international agencies with the best-in-class SOF® Tactical Tourniquet. Canada was the first country outside of the U.S. to receive access to the tourniquet.


Expanding Products

With the SOF® Tourniquet's growing reputation as a durable, dependable and field-tested solution for the military, Tactical Medical Solutions begins selling kitted solutions that combine other best-in-class products and innovations from our R&D team. This allowed us to expand from our early military adoption to better assist Fire/EMS, Law Enforcement and other first responders on their daily missions.


Forming Tramedic®

This civilian-focused trauma kit line was developed to bring life-saving treatments to any level of responder that could be available in a crisis situation. The Tramedic® Response System is designed to simplify the use of equipment at the point of injury and has since been adopted by municipal buildings, NFL stadiums, hotels, churches and schools across the country.


Customizing Solutions For Our Customers

Always looking for how we do more for our customers, we work with them to make sure they have the right solutions for their needs. In 2015, we worked with LAPD to design a special kit that has been popular with many other agencies as well. Our R&D and customization capabilities have become great channels of customer communication since then.


Increasing Our Reach Through Investment

Guardian Capital Partners invests in Tactical Medical Solutions to support our mission to deliver the solutions that address the complete continuum of patient care. Now we can seek out the pieces of our business that give the users of our products the best chance of survivability in all circumstances.


Building Our Offering

2019 was a year of huge expansion for Tactical Medical Solutions. We brought the high-fidelity simulators of TraumaFX Solutions and the American-made body armor of DKX into our company. Adding these critical pieces to our puzzle allowed us to create a suite of innovative response solutions to Equip, Train and Protect those who save lives.


Rebranding & Expanding

In 2021, we officially rebranded to become TacMed Solutions with three pillars: Medical, Protection and Simulation. We are investing our resources to ensure that all those who answer the call to protect have the world-class solutions that will help them do what they do best... save lives.

We just want to say

Thank you for allowing us to support you in your mission.