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Tactical Medical Solutions® (TacMed) Announces Rebranding with Addition of Simulation and Protection Solutions

Anderson, S.C. (May 18, 2021) – Tactical Medical Solutions®, LLC (TacMed™) is excited to announce a rebrand following the additions of simulation and protection solutions to the TacMed Solutions™ portfolio. These additions provide a full-scale offering of solutions to customers focusing on three core tenets: Equip, Train, Protect.

As part of TacMed’s rebranding and growth strategy, the company acquired TraumaFX® Solutions and DKX. In addition, Tactical Medical Solutions will now be branded as TacMed Solutions™ with three pillars: TacMed Medical™, TacMed Simulation™, and TacMed Protection™.

The new business model now offers TacMed™ customers and first responders a one-stop solution for all their needs: medical equipment, training and simulation, and protective gear.

As part of TacMed’s three-pillar business approach, each of the new divisions will focus on one aspect of the response experience. TacMed Medical™ will continue to equip first responders with the highest quality medical gear at the point of injury. Products will always be rooted in user-focused design, extensive research and testing, and personal experience and knowledge.

TacMed Simulation™ will offer state-of-the-art training solutions with high-fidelity trauma manikins through its acquisition of TraumaFX®. Designed to offer first responders and military medics the most realistic medical training experience, the life-like simulators provide responders with the autonomous response to field treatment, creating an immersive training experience unlike other medical simulators on the market. This training experience gives first responders the confidence and expertise to effectively work under stressful conditions.

TacMed Protection™ incorporates DKX body armor gear for first responders under the TacMed Solutions™ umbrella, TacMed Protection™ provides responders with body armor, plates, carriers, and other protective gear specific for their mission so they can focus on delivering aid safely.