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TacMed Solutions works to save Ukrainian lives with tourniquets

TacMed Solutions works to save Ukrainian lives with tourniquets

Tactical Medical Solutions in Anderson is a company that focuses on medical supplies that ultimately save lives.

“We like to say we minimize preventable death and morbidity through training, equipping and protecting the war fighter, the first responder, or just the immediate bystander that might encounter a traumatic injury," TacMed CEO Will Wennberg said.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, TacMed has focused vast production efforts on tourniquets and bandages. Wennberg said often times war is just associated with lethal devices, while medical devices save lives from the results of those lethal devices.

"As soon as Russia rolled into the Ukraine, we saw demand for tourniquets and bandages dramatically increase, which is expected," Wennberg said. "These are life saving devices that are required on the battlefield, really just to stop the bleeding.”

Wennberg said these devices could be the difference between life and death.

"We take a lot of pride in these tourniquets," TacMed manufacturing supervisor Nelson Walsh said. "We know the importance of the lives they’re saving, and being prior military I definitely know the importance of these tourniquets for gunshots and deep lacerations. Direct pressure is the best way to stop bleeding. Last ditch efforts.”

Wennberg said the company will continue to support Ukraine as the conflict with Russia continues and will work to explore additional ways to help how it can.

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