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MATTi ™ - Female: Modular Medical Casualty Care


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Modular to meet every phase of casualty and critical care, MATTi has a modular design to allow for more flexibility in training scenarios. Rugged and Durable design to resist moisture and endure the real life rigors of casualty care during medical training. Fully interchangeable configurations with technology built in to automatically detect the specific wound configuration.

Key Highlights

  • Modular: The limbs are removable and interchangeable to vary the wound presentations for increased scenario flexibility
  • Limbs: Available with a variety of injured and uninjured limbs, along with wound sleeves for non-interactive wounds. Including amputation, fracture, shrapnel, and GSW
  • Female with common Core design: For more realistic training scenarios
  • TCCC and TECC Compatible: Hemorrhage control, maintaining an airway, fluids administration via IV and IO, and needle decompression
  • Rugged and Durable: Can be used indoors and outdoors, in most any weather condition. They can be dragged and carried without issue.
  • Arterial Bleeding: provides arterial bleeding from multiple wounds, requiring direct pressure, wound packing, tourniquet placement.
  • Pulses: radial, carotid, femoral, and pedal pulses, at rates from 20 to 200 bpm
  • Breathing: rates from 0 to 60 per minute
  • Airway: sensored airway can be maintained using all commonly used methods and any adult-sized adjuncts and BVM.
  • Sensing and Physiology: systems have an onboard physiology engine to respond appropriately to injury and treatment, including medications

Product details

  • Modular limbs.
  • Simulated breathing; left/right independent to display pneumothorax, rates 0 to 60 bpm
  • Needle decompression sites with air release and partial recovery; uses full size 3.25” 14 gauge needles
  • Pulses: carotid, radial, femoral, and pedal, rates 20-200 (no brachial pulse)
  • Fully intubatable using ET tube, King LT, i-gel, or other oral airway device with any adult sized product
  • Airway sensors to determine location of ET tube during bagging to cue proper response of chest or abdomen
  • Compatible with BVM to show rise and fall of chest
  • Full nasal passageways for nasopharyngeal airway (NPA); sensored for detection of NPA placement
  • 3 position manually rotated eyes to display normal, dilated, or constricted pupil
  • CPR compliant; rate and depth captured via sensors and displayed on remote control
  • Packable wound at inguinal crease with pulsed arterial bleeding requiring packing and maintaining pressure to stop bleeding
  • Amputation and gunshot wounds on limbs with arterial bleeding and anatomically correct artery locations for hemostasis via tourniquets or other direct pressure on arteries
  • 2-way communication system allowing the trainer to speak and hear through manikin from a distance
  • Remote control touchscreen surface computer with long rage – up to 200 yards outdoor LOS
  • Foley catheter placement with urine output
  • Animatronic leg motion to simulate a patient in severe pain and increase the realism of treatment
  • Can be seated or placed in recovery position
  • Rugged and durable – can be dragged by single arm or leg, and can be used in any environment or weather conditions
  • Long life, rechargeable Makita batteries
  • On-board physiology model; vital signs change based on blood loss, oxygen loss, fluid-drug administration or medical interventions

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