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TacMed™ Patrol Rifle Response Kit

Sku : PRRK-B
As today’s law enforcement community continues to increase preparedness towards critical incident response, the need for equipping those responding officers has risen as well. The TacMed™ Patrol Rifle Response Kit offers the individual patrol officer the ability to have the necessary components for those emergency situations immediately available to them, without the added difficulty of performing reloads from an uncooperative sling bag. Internally, the contents allow for the effective treatment of life threatening wounds, while externally, the pouch can hold (2) 30 round M4/AR15 style magazines and has MOLLE-attaching surface on the face to allow for the addition of equipment. The system can be worn full-time or detached from the duty belt using the integrated buckles and quickly snapped on during times of crisis. It is also fully compatible with our Patrol Trauma Response Kit (in conjunction with the Pouch-Attaching Strap) and select belt-mounted tourniquet holders. (Sold separately) 

* As many of our kits are built to order, please allow additional shipping time for stocked kits. If you need a firm delivery date or have an urgent order, please call us at 888-822-6331. *

The Patrol Rifle Response Pouch is available for standalone purchase here.
    Dimensions: 9"H x 8.5"W x 5.5"D
    Weight: 1.13 lbs


    • 1x SOF® Tourniquet
    • 1x 4" OLAES® Modular Bandage Flat-Packed
    • 1x Beacon Chest Seal (2-pack)
    • 1x NPA with lube
    • 1x 5.5" Trauma Shears
    • 1x Adsafe Face Shield
    • 1x Casualty Card
    • 1PR Gloves

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