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TacMed™ R-AID® Kit


Stocked to Provide Life-Saving Treatment to Multiple Casualties.

The TacMed™ R-AID® Kit is stocked with life-saving treatment supplies to handle multiple casualties. It is designed to be versatile and can serve as an assault aid-bag, vehicle bag, or combat lifesaver bag. The R-AID® bag offers different carrying options: it can be worn as a backpack, hung as a panel, or slung over the shoulder like a messenger bag.

Critical intervention items are conveniently loaded in the top flap of the bag, ensuring immediate access when needed. The second main compartment of these combat med pack bags contains additional items required for treatments and casualty packaging. In the rear sleeve, you'll find triage and casualty marking materials.

This combat medic aid bag is one of the most compact and comprehensive treatment kits available. Its contents provide a trained individual with the following capabilities:

  • Hemorrhage control
  • Basic and advanced airway management
  • Packaging of burns
  • Treatment of penetrating chest trauma
  • Splinting
  • Treatment of eye injuries
  • Triage and casualty marking

With the TacMed™ R-AID® Kit, you have a comprehensive and efficient solution to handling a wide range of medical situation.

* As many of our kits are built to order, please allow additional shipping time for stocked kits. If you need a firm delivery date or have an urgent order, please call us at 888-822-6331. *

The R-AID® Bag is available for standalone purchase here
Dimensions: 21.5"H x 17.5"W x 6.5"D
Weight: 17.5 lbs

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