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K9 TCCC - Rental Bundle

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The K9 TCCC - Rental Bundle is available as part of our Trauma Simulator Rental Program to provide you with the ability to train using equipment that simulates real world traumatic environments without breaking the bank.

This bundle features the K9 Diesel Simulator and the TacMed™ K9 Handler Trauma KitTo get the most out of your training, don't forget to grab a Medical Training Consumables Bundle.

    K9 Diesel Simulator
    Dimensions: 42"L / 106.7cm L (Excludes Tail)
    Weight: 57lbs / 25.9kg (Full) | 55lbs / 24.9kg (Empty)

    TacMed™ K9 Handler Trauma Kit
    Dimensions: 11.5"W x 10.5"H x 4.5"D
    Weight: 3lbs / 6.6kg
    Bundle Contents:
    • 1x K9 Diesel Simulator
      • Full Simulator
      • Remote Control
      • Batteries
      • Charger
    • 1x TacMed™ K9 Handler Trauma Kit
      • 1x Drop Leg Pouch 
      • 1x SOF® Tourniquet
      • 1x OLAES® Modular Bandage (4”)
      • 1x K9 Tourniquet (for K9 use only) 
      • 1x K9 Muzzle
      • 2x 14GA x 3.25 Angiocath (with hard plastic case)
      • 1x 8.0 ET Tube with Stylet
      • 1x Flexi-Slip 10FR Stylet
      • 1x 10cc Syringe
      • 1x Chest Seal (2-Pack, Non-Vented)
      • 1x 3" Sensi-Wrap
      • 2PR Black Nitrile Gloves (size XL)

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