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Sku : TFX-MCON-1

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The TacMed Simulation "Geppetto" Master Controller is a wireless RC controller with a touch-screen interface. Geppetto allows instructors to simultaneously manage up to 24 TacMed Simulation simulators, greatly improving the effectiveness of limited critical training resources.

Key Features

  • Wireless RC
  • Monitor and control up to 24 simulators simultaneously 
  • Touch-screen with tap, pinch, and zoom

Product Details

  • Globally Controls and Manages up to 24 paired sets of TacMed Simulation Upper and Lower units
  • ‘Global Glance’ provides a real-time view of the health status with auto alerts (red/green) of each paired unit bi-directionally
  • Customize, copy, or share training scenarios
  • Auto start all units across a single exercise
  • Communicates with accessories in use by upper or lower units (e.g. ECG simulator)
  • Scans, identifies, and communicates to upper or lower units
  • Integrated, onboard casualty care card for use during combat training scenarios
  • Provides for centralized data collection for after-action reporting
  • Removes the guesswork of training and improves effectiveness
  • Easy to use, menu-driven software takes only minutes to learn
  • Instant validation of medical training interventions
  • Real-time sensor data is recorded on the main control screen for quick reference
  • Display shows vitals, blood loss, airway status, elapsed time, and more
  • Immediate feedback for tourniquet application, wound hemostasis, airway intervention, needle decompression, and chest tube placement
  • Preset scenarios provided, or quickly create your own
  • Operational day or night
Compatible With:
  • APL-IA
  • APL-IP
  • APL-PB
  • CRL
  • CRL-AA
  • CRU
  • CRU-R
  • HEMO
  • HEMO-G
  • MATT

User Guide

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