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About Tramedic®

Tramedic®, a distinguished brand under TacMed Solutions™, stands at the forefront of emergency response innovation, presenting an array of trauma kits that embody a beacon of hope for life-saving interventions. We are committed to empowering individuals at every response level, equipping them with both the tools and the knowledge required for swift and effective action. Through optimizing medical interventions at the point of injury and simplifying equipment use, we have improved the efficiency of emergency preparedness, particularly within mass casualty scenarios.

The Tramedic® Difference

In a world defined by uncertainty, the imperative of readiness for critical injuries cannot be overstated. Tramedic® bridges the gap between apprehension and preparedness. Our philosophy is simple yet profound: preparedness need not instill fear, involve exorbitant expenses, or entail convoluted processes. The paramount goal of Tramedic® is to provide potent life-saving tools to ordinary individuals, recognizing that certain situations necessitate immediate action. This ethos comes alive through our blend of intuitive products, clear instructions, and impactful training videos. The result is a state of readiness that ensures you and your organization are fortified to confront even the most formidable challenges.


Tramedic® kits transcend conventional first-aid kits. These are not mere assortments of medical supplies but meticulously curated collections of top-tier, life-saving devices. These instruments, designed to buy vital time for the severely injured, include tourniquets capable of stopping severe bleeding, bandages for deep cuts, and dressings for severe burns. Beyond being equipment, these tools are lifelines, simple to use even with minimal guidance.



Tramedic® kits and sub-kits come with comprehensive yet comprehensible instructions. We provide guidance not just on 'how' but on 'when'. A color-coded flowchart seamlessly directs users to the appropriate kit, ensuring that treatment focuses on life-threatening injuries first. Component instructions, color-matched and numbered, are there to assist you step by step through the treatment process, eliminating the need for extensive manual navigation.


Training and Education

Understanding the gravity of our domain, Tramedic® employs an innovative approach to training. Our online training portal is tailored for all age groups, making education accessible even to those sensitive to the subject matter. This user-friendly platform also allows for video assignments and progress tracking through a dedicated dashboard, alleviating the burden on safety managers and streamlining implementation.



Tramedic® kits are fortified with serial-numbered, tamper-evident seals on their closure mechanisms. This ensures that any tampering, no matter how minor, does not go unnoticed.


In a landscape where scenarios vary and severity ranges widely, the right tools and training can redefine outcomes. With Tramedic® you transcend basic first aid, embracing truly effective life-saving practices. In your hands, preparedness transforms into a potent force for preserving lives.

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