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OLAES Hemostatic bandage sale for government agencies - while supplies last! Contact your rep to order.

BLAST® Bandage

Order lead times might be extended due to high demand, and your patience is appreciated.

The Trauma Bandage that Covers a Wide Range of Injuries.

The BLAST® Bandage is designed to enable quick and efficient packaging of traumatic amputations, burns, and large pattern wounds. It achieves this with minimal supplies and effort required.

Featuring a 20" X 20" treatment area, the BLAST® Bandage can be packed down to the size of a 4" combat bandage. Its large non-adherent wound pad can be easily wrapped around limbs and securely fastened using the attached elastic wrap. This bandage provides a sterile protective covering for shrapnel wounds or burns, offering ample coverage for the back or chest of most casualties.

Additionally, the BLAST® Bandage includes a removable occlusive layer that covers a 19" x 19" area. This layer can also be utilized to cover abdominal contents, minimizing heat and moisture loss.

Similar to our other bandages, the BLAST® Bandage incorporates "brakes" to prevent unintended unrolling of the elastic wrap during high-stress application. These brakes are particularly beneficial when dressing amputations. By offering multiple points of adhesion, they effectively prevent the elastic from slipping during the wrapping process. This ensures a secure and effective bandage, reducing the risk of the wound becoming exposed during movement.

NSN # 6510-01-586-4314 

US Patent # 7,663,015 
NSN: 6510-01-586-431
US Patent: 7,663,015

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