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MATT® - Male: Modular Medical Casualty Care


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Modular to meet every phase of casualty and critical care, MATT® has a modular design to allow for more flexibility in training scenarios. Rugged and durable, resistant to moisture, enduring the real-life rigors of casualty care during medical training. Fully interchangeable configurations with technology built-in to automatically detect the specific wound configuration.


Key Highlights:

- Modular: Limbs are removable and interchangeable for varied wound presentations, enhancing scenario flexibility.
- Limbs: Available with various injured and uninjured limbs, including wound sleeves for non-interactive wounds, such as amputation, fracture, shrapnel, and GSW.

- Male with common Core design: Enhancing realism in training scenarios.

- TCCC and TECC Compatible: Covering hemorrhage control, maintaining an airway, fluids administration via IV and IO, and needle decompression.

- Rugged and Durable: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use in various weather conditions, capable of being dragged and carried without issues.

- Arterial Bleeding: Simulating arterial bleeding from multiple wounds, necessitating direct pressure, wound packing, and tourniquet placement.

- Pulses: Simulating radial, carotid, femoral, and pedal pulses, ranging from 20 to 200 bpm.

- Breathing: Simulating rates from 0 to 60 breaths per minute.

- Airway: Sensored airway maintenance using commonly used methods and adult-sized adjuncts and BVM.

- Sensing and Physiology: Equipped with an onboard physiology engine to respond appropriately to injury and treatment, including medications.

Product details:

- Modular limbs.
- Simulated breathing with independent left/right display for pneumothorax, rates 0 to 60 bpm.
- Needle decompression sites with air release and partial recovery; uses full-size 3.25” 14 gauge needles.
- Pulses: Simulating carotid, radial, femoral, and pedal pulses, rates 20-200 (no brachial pulse).
- Fully intubatable using ET tube, King LT, i-gel, or other oral airway device with any adult-sized product.
- Airway sensors to determine the ET tube location during bagging, cueing proper responses of the chest or abdomen.
- Compatible with BVM to show the rise and fall of the chest.
- Full nasal passageways for nasopharyngeal airway (NPA); sensored for detection of NPA placement.
- 3-position manually rotated eyes to display normal, dilated, or constricted pupils.
- CPR compliant; rate and depth captured via sensors and displayed on the remote control.
- Packable wound at the inguinal crease with pulsed arterial bleeding requiring packing and maintaining pressure to stop bleeding.
- Amputation and gunshot wounds on limbs with arterial bleeding and anatomically correct artery locations for hemostasis via tourniquets or other direct pressure on arteries.
- 2-way communication system allowing the trainer to speak and hear through the manikin from a distance.
- Remote control touchscreen surface computer with long range – up to 200 yards outdoor LOS.
- Foley catheter placement with urine output.
- Animatronic leg motion to simulate a patient in severe pain and increase the realism of treatment.
- Can be seated or placed in the recovery position.
- Rugged and durable – can be dragged by a single arm or leg and used in any environment or weather conditions.
- Long life, rechargeable Makita batteries.
- On-board physiology model; vital signs change based on blood loss, oxygen loss, fluid-drug administration, or medical interventions.

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