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Outdoor Trauma Kit - Ballistic Response Pack Hemostatic Version - Tan Pouch


$66.99 $97.99

When a hunter is involved in any type of traumatic injury, it is essential that they have the items to render aid to themselves or another hunter. This version of the Outdoor Trauma Kit contains the components necessary for a hunter to provide treatment to gunshot wounds as well as other types of trauma associated with hunting accidents, such as knife wounds, animal attacks, and falls from tree stands. 

The Ballistic Response Pouch comes equipped with a SOF® Tourniquet, Tramedic® Trauma Bandage, and petrolatum gauze as well as a minor injury sub-kit. This compact, one-hand accessible, MOLLE-adaptable pouch is ideal for storage on individual equipment, an ATV, or attached to a tree stand. Its contents were selected for ease-of-use and effectiveness. Furthermore, the slightly larger pouch allows a hunter the ability to add other components to the kit.
In addition to the standard components, the advanced version comes with a hemostatic dressing that allows for faster hemorrhage control and can aid in bleeding control in areas where a tourniquet cannot be applied.

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