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OLAES Hemostatic bandage sale for government agencies - while supplies last! Contact your rep to order.


Sku : 87-0001
*For Training Use Only. *

The Simu-Seal Chest Seal is an inexpensive training product for practicing chest seal placement. It is designed for training use only. As a practice chest seal device, the Simu-Seal costs a fraction of traditional chest seals and is specifically engineered for low tack adhesion to skin. It can be peeled off from healthy intact skin with minimal discomfort and without incurring significant depilation, or hair loss. The ability to practice the management of a sucking chest wound within a training setting is what builds muscle memory and allows for fine motor function even under austere conditions.

The Simu-Seal allows for realistic training of penetrating chest trauma management, without the expense or discomfort of utilizing actual medical chest seals.

The tear-open package is in the widely used "trainer blue" color to easily identify it as a "non-live" training product.

Dimensions: 5.9" x 7.5"
Weight: 1 oz.

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