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TacMed™ LAPD Kit

Sku : DLIP2-B
DLIP Kit Options
Designed to the specifications of the Los Angeles Police Department, the TacMed™ LAPD Kit was created for use by all Los Angeles County Law Enforcement Agencies, including the LA Sheriff's Department. The police first aid kits provides the law enforcement officer with maximum flexibility while providing on target care. Worn on the leg, the pouch attaches directly to the officer's belt or to a tourniquet pouch worn on the belt. When worn with the tourniquet pouch, the detachable lower portion of the police trauma kit provides for additional medical capabilities if the situation dictates, while having the tourniquet available for instant access on the officer's belt. The pouch is available as two options: a 1.5” or 2” belt attachment strap. Both strap options are adjustable and come with a black D ring attached. The D ring provides a rapid attaching point in an emergency to a key clip or belt keeper. This pouch is offered stocked based on different levels of medical capabilities. All k9 trauma kits can also be custom packed to meet your specific mission requirements.

Tourniquet Pouch sold separately.

In 2014, the Los Angeles Police Department equipped its officers with 8,000 of these tactical first aid kits. A 15-year upgrade for the LAPD, all officers received training as well to be able to use the combat-style trauma kits to provide potentially life-saving medical treatment to victims. More information on the LAPD's decision to equip its officers with this type of K9 medical kit and the importance they serve, including successes the LAPD has had with these law enforcement trauma kits, can be found at the following:

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