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TacMed™ Patrol Trauma Response Kit

PTRK Options
Wide Tourniquet Options
Available Colors
Whether you are a law enforcement officer on patrol or an EMS professional responding to a critical incident, the TacMed™ Patrol Trauma Response Kit will provide you with the necessary components for on-scene care when seconds count. Designed to be worn on the belt, this compact kit takes up minimal space and locates critical equipment on the provider where it is most needed. The PTRK can be a stand-alone pouch, or with the optional pouch-attaching strap, it can be scaled up to accept either the LAPD KitPatrol Rifle Response Kit, or standard Drop Leg Kit. The PTRK has a divider to keep the SOF® Tourniquet separate from the Esmark Bandage, gauze, and chest seal. There is also individual storage for one pair of gloves. 

Pouch-Attaching Strap sold separately.
    Dimensions: 7"Lx4"Wx3"D
    Weight: 14oz

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