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OLAES Hemostatic bandage sale for government agencies - while supplies last! Contact your rep to order.

TacMed™ Solutions Operator IFAK


Ready for Any Trauma Injury 

The TacMed™ Solutions Operator IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) is a compact and streamlined combat trauma kit. It features a structured interior and a full-zip opening, allowing for rapid and easy access to all medical components. The contents of the IFAK are specifically chosen to effectively treat injuries commonly associated with combat trauma while minimizing space requirements.

One of the multipurpose items included in the kit is the OLAES® Modular Bandage, which incorporates a plastic occlusive sheet in the dressing pocket. This eliminates the need for a separate chest seal, making it ideal for situations where space is limited.

The back of the kit is equipped with MOLLE straps, providing versatile mounting options. Additionally, the combat IFAK trauma kit has gripper elastic on the bottom of the pouch, offering an additional accessible spot for equipment like your tourniquet. The front of the kit features hook & loop patches, allowing you to attach an ID patch such as a MED Patch or Bleeding Control Patch.

While the Operator IFAK is primarily designed to prevent deaths on the battlefield, it is also utilized by many law enforcement agencies to ensure their officers are prepared for any situation.

The Operator IFAK Pouch is available for standalone purchase here.
* As many of our IFAK kits are built to order, please allow additional shipping time for stocked kits. If you need a firm delivery date or have an urgent order, please call us at 888-822-6331. *
Dimensions: 6"H x 4.5"W x 3"D
Weight: 1.1lbs

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