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TacMed™ Uniformed Medical Kit 2nd Generation

Sku : UMKB-W
The TacMed™ Uniformed Medical Kit (UMK) 2nd Generation builds upon the success of the first generation UMK. The UMK 2nd Gen greatly decreases the signature of the device over the original by moving the medical gear and pockets behind a flat panel, eliminating any imprinting under the officer's duty shirt. In addition, the UMK 2nd Gen increases comfort and durability as it reduces the thickness of the device with a new material that stretches to the shape of the officer's vest. The new design allows the UMK 2nd Gen to fit ANY concealed body armor carrier that utilizes hook and loop straps, plus the sides can be trimmed for a custom fit. The UMK 2nd Generation is designed to carry the SOF® Tourniquet with additional pockets designed to carry a set of chest seals, hemostatic agent, and the Esmark Bandage. 

Benefits of the UMK 2nd Generation
  • *** New design adapts the device to fit a wide variety of body types 
  • *** New design features an even lower profile... No imprinting under the officer's duty shirt! 
  • Central placement provides the officer instant ambidextrous access to their medical kit 
  • Allows the uniformed officer to carry a complete medical kit on them at all times 
  • Creates instant recognition among officers of the placement of medical gear 
  • Instant access to trauma gear saves precious time, allowing the officer to provide self-aid and responding officers to provide buddy-aid in the case of a serious injury. 

The fully stocked version of the UMK includes a SOF® Tourniquet, Esmark Bandage, and Beacon Chest Seal.

The Uniformed Medical Kit 2nd Gen is available for standalone purchase here.

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