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The Touchscreen Remote Control (TSR) Transmitter is customized to operate and communicate with all upper and lower units. The large color LCD screen is housed within a customized frame to withstand the rigors of field training in any environment. To improve the effectiveness of training, modifications to scenario parameters and vital signs can be adjusted quickly and transmitted wirelessly to units via the TSR. Simulation results, including volume of blood loss and time to perform the intervention, are relayed from sensors in the unit(s) and then displayed on the TSR’s easy-to-read screen, allowing the trainer to assess the trainee’s performance in real-time and provide After Action Reporting.

Key Features and Training Elements

  • Wireless Remote with color touchscreen for easily capturing and validating interventions from up to 200 yards away
  • Instant feedback and validation of life-saving interventions performed to eliminate guesswork and improve training effectiveness
  • Compatible with all TacMed Simulation electronic human manikins

Product Details

  • Easy to use, touchscreen interface that takes only minutes to learn and master
  • The on-screen joystick can be activated for manual control of animatronics
  • Real-time sensor data is displayed on the main control screen for quick reference
  • The display shows vitals, blood loss, airway status, and elapsed time, providing immediate feedback and verification of airway intervention, tourniquet application, hemostatic wound packing and compression, needle decompression, and chest tube placement
  • 20 preset scenarios are provided, or quickly create your own
  • Water and weather resistant rugged exterior for use in all training locations and situations
  • Both upper and lower units can be operated by one TSR
  • Ergonomically molded handgrips and wrist strap for comfortable use
  • Operational during the day or night
  • The simulation starts with a single push

User Guide

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