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Albany PD Receives Gear from Cops Direct

Albany PD Receives Gear from Cops Direct

Richlands Police Department Receives TacMed Medical Gear from Cops Direct Donation

In the Spring of 2020, Albany Police Department announced that they received critical lifesaving medical equipment from a CopsDirect.org donation and with the support of TacMed Solutions.

Administrative Lieutenant Steve Dorn wrote:

"Words fail me…I just received the kits and those are phenomenal."

Among the items donated were:

  • SOF® Tactical Tourniquet
  • Law Enforcement Z-Fold Combat Gauze
  • Beacon Chest Seal
  • OLAES® Modular Bandage
  • BLAST® Bandage
  • TacMed™ ARK™ Kit - Active Shooter Response
  • Foxtrot® Litter
  • Piranha Trauma Shears

Click here to find out more about TacMed's support of the Cops Direct Mission.


If you are with a department that needs the help of Cops Direct, we are happy to work with you on that connection. Please email info@tacmedsolutions.com.

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