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The History of TraumaFX

TraumaFX, a TacMed Solutions Company

TraumaFX Innovates Medical Simulation

TraumaFX is dedicated to developing innovative medical simulation and training technologies that improve survivability of severe injuries on the battlefield and in civilian casualty situations. We specialize in high-fidelity, ruggedized simulators to deliver the most lifelike experience for trainees while enabling field exercises in any environment and in any weather condition. Purpose-built for field training, TraumaFX simulators allow military and civilian first responders to train in real-world scenarios so they can better learn critical medical interventions under stressful conditions. The highly realistic appearance combined with lifelike feel, anatomical fidelity, autonomous response to treatment, and accurate weight create an immersive training experience unlike any other medical patient simulator. Advanced sensors monitor medical interventions and patient status, transmitting that data wirelessly, in real time, to the ruggedized remote control so trainers can evaluate student performance as it happens, optimizing instruction for a more productive learning experience.

Traumafx K9 manikin

Movies to MedSim

The TraumaFX design and manufacturing team built its foundation on the talents and leadership of a dozen professional artists and technicians who honed their skills working for over 25 years in Lucasfilms’ motion picture special effects division, Industrial Light and Magic (ILM). ILM set the standard for the Hollywood special effects industry and the rest of the world for over two decades. They were awarded 15 Best Visual Effects Academy Awards for outstanding realism on blockbuster films that included the Star Wars saga, the Indiana Jones trilogy, the Pirates of the Caribbean series, the Back to the Future trilogy, the Terminator sequels, Ghostbusters II, the Rocketeer, Space Cowboys, Jurassic Park Lost World, the Harry Potter series, and The Abyss.

Part of Something Bigger

 TraumaFX's acquisition by Tactical Medical Solutions brings it into the fold of a larger portfolio mean to serve military personnel, trained responder and citizens alike from point of injury throughout the continuum of clinical care. TacMed's extensive tactical field experience and product knowledge is critical in its development and manufacturing of customized emergency response equipment, advanced simulation and training aids and personal protective gear that safely and effectively manage a spectrum of crisis situations and injuries.

TraumaFX products are now sold under the TacMed Simulation brand. It joins TacMed Medical and TacMed Protection as a suite of complimentary products for the continuum of pre-hospital patient care.

TraumaFX becomes TacMed Simulation

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