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Getting Results from Trauma Simulation: Training the Continuum of Care

Getting Results from Trauma Simulation: Training the Continuum of Care

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Presentation Abstract:

Trauma is the 4th leading cause of death in the US and number one cause of death for people age 1 to 44. Medical Simulation centers often lack the capacity to train trauma skills from point injury, through transport and trauma bay care because their simulators are not trauma oriented and are unreliable outside the simulation room. This TacMed Solutions Webinar, taught by tactical medicine experts, will teach participants how to develop a Continuum of Care simulation supported curriculum using high fidelity traunma simulators. TacMed’s expert trainers will review the head, hand and heart skills needed to save lives from point of injury through EMS transport to the trauma bay. Participants will review TeamSTEPPS concepts at various stages of the continuum of care and consider how double loop learning can improve decision making.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify critical trauma interventions at point of injury, enroute transport and in the trauma bay to reduce preventable death.
  2. Describe simulation supported curriculum development techniques to maximize trauma training through the continuum of care.
  3. Explain double loop learning concept as a technique to improve learning and behavior change.



About TacMed Solutions™ 

TacMed Solutions™ (TacMed™) is dedicated to improving survivability in response to crisis situations through world-class innovative emergency response solutions designed to equip, train, and protect those who save lives. We develop and manufacture customized emergency response technology, advanced simulation and training aids, and personal protective gear for Warfighters, First Responders, and citizens alike to effectively manage the full continuum of care. 

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