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Maximizing Efficiency in Medical Simulation Emergency Training

Maximizing Efficiency in Medical Simulation Emergency Training

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Presentation Abstract:

This TacMed Solutions webinar will discuss the importance of organizing medical simulation training programs to maximize simulator and scenario clinical outcomes and operational efficiency. The presenter will cover ways to improve operational efficiency and outcomes in both initial education programs for novice learners as well as ongoing professional training to keep medical skills sharp for advanced providers. Such training requires realistic scenarios that offer the opportunity for learners to practice the skills needed during a medical or trauma emergency. Whether in the clinical setting, first responder space, or a military environment, training is univerally supported as paramount. The presenter will promote ways to increase medical simulation program efficiency to overcome challenges with budgetary constraints with considerations in simulator durability, flexibility, effectiveness and more. This webinar showcases ways training managers ensure that every contact hour is used wisely and efficiently so as not to be wasted or lost.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain the importance of having a well organized and structured lesson plan tied to core learning objectives.
  2. Describe medical simulation supported scenarios developed to maximize trauma training through the Continuum of Care.
  3. Identify ways to maximize medical simulation program efficiency and learner outcomes.



About TacMed Solutions™ 

TacMed Solutions™ (TacMed™) is dedicated to improving survivability in response to crisis situations through world-class innovative emergency response solutions designed to equip, train, and protect those who save lives. We develop and manufacture customized emergency response technology, advanced simulation and training aids, and personal protective gear for Warfighters, First Responders, and citizens alike to effectively manage the full continuum of care. 

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