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TacMed™ Simulation Rental Program

TacMed Rebrand Announcement
The TacMed™ Simulation Rental Program is designed to provide first responders, military personnel, and emergency response teams with the ability to train using equipment that simulates real-world trauma environments.

The program features human and K9 simulators that provide realistic trauma injury experiences through high and low fidelity features. You have the ability to choose from multiple package options and individual simulators to meet your specific training needs.

Rental Bundle Options

Individual Rentable Simulators


In addition to the rental offerings above, you will receive a one-time discount code with each rental purchase for exclusive discounts on the TacMed™ website for medical supplies to support your training classes.

We're excited for the incorporation of the rental program into our one-stop-shop solutions portfolio focused on our three core tenets: Equip, Train, Protect.